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FIFA school exhibition activities


-----FIFA school exhibition activities

      In order to actively explore the effectiveness of classroom teaching, motivate teachers to constantly change teaching ideas, improve teaching methods and improve the quality of education and teaching, the school has successfully held exhibition activities on 4.23-27 day.  

      President XueQiang and director Dragon participated in the exhibition class activities by leading relevant disciplines teachers and teaching experts of relevant disciplines in the District academy. This activity is organized and orderly, and the process is full, with separate subjects and rich contents. 


      First of all, Zheng Cheng, He Shuting and Lu Luyan of the English group, opened the event with an interesting game and lively classroom teaching. 



      Later, Feng Jun of science group, gave birth to "breathe the air, suck oxygen", fill the vacancy, and make solid progress in the chemistry review of the mid-term examination. Mr. Zhang Rui combines the natural geography with human geography, language is cordial, and leads the children to the new silk road. The math group, Professor Miao Hongmei, combined with abundant examples to organize students' autonomous learning, and successfully taught the inverse proportion. Combining with specific situations and practical activities, Xiao Ke encourages and develops students' interest in mathematics, so that students can understand the cuboid perfectly. He Wenyu, a Chinese language group, is beautiful and generous, graciously leads the children to recite "begging", reciting "Qixi", using contrastive teaching, and telling stories about women in the sky with the legend of the fairy tale of the sky Cowherd and Weaver. ShuanMian teacher enthusiastically carries the children's dragon boat festival dumplings, tasted "La Ba porridge", commentary on Qu Yuan, talking about the custom of the year, and feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture. Finally, the true music teacher of the art suite creates a happy music scene, arouses students' interest in music, and successfully deduces music theory - rest. Yan Jun's lively and lively music resonates with the children, with clear rhythm and graceful movements. 




      After showing the class, the leaders of the meeting and the teachers of related subjects carried out class review in a timely manner. The unique educational perspective of the district teaching and research experts, a brief comment, and the scientific teaching idea of President XueQiang, and accurate comments, make the teachers at the meeting fresh and open to the mind. 



      In a word, the success of the exhibition activities is of far-reaching significance. It not only shows the teaching style of the teachers, but also lets the teachers arouse the new spark of the ideological education in the exchange of observation and communication.

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