Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
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Sharing the GK class


      Maybe choosing GK class or Grade one will be the first best choice you can make for your child. 


      A campus without a fence is the teacher and the child live together, the child's ideas are heard, the children are discussed, the children are not afraid of making mistakes, because the children's mistakes are tolerated, they are tolerated, and there is no simple and rude punishment. All of them talk about "why", children and teachers are pursuing "why" Experience growth together

      In the midsummer of summer, we invite parents to walk into the campus and really feel the idea of peaceful school.



      This is not a simple DEMO lesson. What we really want you to see is:

      Real respect for every child

      Therefore, when we squatted down, we looked at them, our teachers turned all their knowledge into children's language, and shared everything with them.



      Similarly, teachers are nurtured by children, and we grow together. Thank you to every child we meet. We cherish every day we spend with you. 

      International Department GK class after 6 years of precipitation, in these 6 years, Dr. QiuYilin through observation and analysis found that each session of the GK class has become an excellent grade without exception, the children in the class after the first grade, can be faster than the children not read the GK class into the learning state, and can be a good transition to the stage of connection.



      Especially in the lower grades, the most important interpersonal and learning habits are ahead of other children of the same age.

      According to the results of the International Department's final results in recent years, the average scores of students in class GK of the international department are much higher than the average.



      Through one year's small K class study, our children get good training and learning opportunities in the following aspects. Expressive ability, reading ability, logical thinking 

      There are also a few international GK-1 campus open days and DEMO classes this semester. Please register with interested parents as soon as possible, and limit each group to 20 families.          

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