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hat A Fun Science Class!| Life Cycle


      Which comes first, chicken or egg? When children ask these questions, it involves the evolution of the life cycle. How do we teach children about the relationship between natural and science in interesting ways? 
      Mr. Dwayne encouraged all the students to observe the butterfly’s life cycle, frog life cycle, even the plant life cycle… With playing the video and making different kinds of experiment, children will record the evolution of the animals’ life cycle. Also, all the students made their own life cycle. All the courses last 3-4 weeks, even more longer.
   Now let’s enjoy our science class of Life Cycle!


      Step 1 Observation  
      The life cycle of butterfly is very special. It begins with the small eggs, through 4 steps, and finally becomes a beautiful butterfly. It’s unbelievable for children to see the evolution of the butterfly, even the adults. We believe all the children attracted to the change of life. 

      Mr. Dwayne told us more information about the butterfly’s life cycle. Everyone was interested in the evolution!



      No matter the whole class, or the small group, all the students had a great time to study the life cycle. 
      After several days, the caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly. Mr. Dwayne showed us how beautiful the butterfly and let it go away.

      Look! Mr. Dwayne caught another butterfly! We were so excited!  
      Goodbye, the beautiful butterfly! 
      We warmly welcome the new life to our world one by one after Mr. Dwayne made conclusion about the butterfly’s life cycle. 
      The beautiful butterfly didn’t want to say goodbye to us, it played with us!



      Comparing the butterfly’s life cycle, the frog’s life cycle is more complicated. It also starts with small eggs, but through 6 steps, an finally becomes a frog! All the children also attracted to the change. 
      Step 2 Recording 
      After observation, we recorded by simple sentences and drew some pictures what we saw.  
      Step 3 Making our own life cycle



      Now all the students know what the life cycle is, and explore the life miracle from the natural. At last, children do their own life cycle, to understand the evolution of life cycle, and cherish their life! All the students from G1-1 love science taught by Mr. Dwayne!

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