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音乐测评试水准 各露身手展才艺


      In order to provide our children with more exercise platform, and show the results of this semester. The Music Department of our school conducted a small final performance in the small theatre on Friday afternoon, June 29, 2018. 

      Let's take a look at the children's wonderful performance together 
      Children in lower grades are learning from zero basic. Look!
      The first kid on the stage was XueBangrong in class K01, who brought us a piano, "what a happy day".
      The instrumental music presentation, the piano performance and the repertoire are wonderful, including "the little girl", "the clown", "London Bridge", "Long Long Ago", "Talan Tara dance" and so on.
      Look at some children's piano performances again.
In the course of the performance, it is not inevitable to make mistakes.
The sweaty hands and hands tremble
But isn't that the meaning of a musical assessment?
We should learn to adjust our mindset and try to relax as much as possible.
Take a deep breath, hold the rhythm 


      There are both playing and singing. Of course, dance is indispensable.  
      Teachers and students perform on the same stage. Now, Zhao Zhiwei, Zhao Lanxin and Zhang Yiyun from class 301 and class 302 bring a vocal "small hand and big hand".
There are also parents and children's family performance. 
      The children's performance is so wonderful!



      As long as we work hard together, we believe that our classmates will make greater progress and expect their classmates to perform better in the next semester.

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