Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
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      FIFA international department held a parent salon(parent literature workshop) at Last night 6:30 pm.

      How is my child learning to read? 

      •Gain a greater understanding of how students learn to read and the components of reading instruction. 

      •Understand how the CCSS help students become proficient readers.   

      •Receive information about how to support their children with reading activities at home.

      •Participate in classroom reading activities


      Read in Chinese,Read in the adult’s most comfortable language 

      The language in which reading at home occurs is not what is important, what matters is that reading is taking place frequently and in a positive manner to support the academic growth of your child across ALL subject areas   



      Reading comprehension is a process in which information from the text and the knowledge possessed by the reader act together to construct meaning. 

      Supporting Your Child’s Learning at School 

      Attitude is Everything  
      •Encourage learning and engage in school activities   

      Set high, but realistic expectations about learning   

      Ask questions about your child’s day at school and how he or she is progressing academically  


      Provide encouragement, praise and listen to your child’s opinions    


      Celebrate and display school work brought home   


      Parents will participate in several reading activities that will help them understand how their students are learning to read in school and some ways parents can support reading skills at home.

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