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英语戏剧表演 秀出你我精彩


      Wow! This picture can be described with relish and pleasure!What attracted them? 

      DangDang~The answer is that this is the English Drama Competition in our school! Let's see what is happening on the big stage and I am sure you will enjoy our lovely children's elaborate dramatic feast.



      This little silver-haired grandmother acted perfectly! Hey, there are two trees that laugh so brilliantly! 


      What a beautiful ugly duckling!

      Our lovely parent played the part of the Swan Mother, dancing and becoming the most beautiful scenery on this stage with all the kids.

      There are also Three little pigs

      This is a grand event. All the Students participated in it with great enthusiasm and meticulous preparation. They shined brightly on the stage. Teachers and parents acclaimed for them under the stage. 

      Hi students, the future is very long. May every day of your life be as bright as this day!

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