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      Surprise! Surprise! Look at the following news

      What's happening?DaWan District art exhibition was held in Shenzhen Grand Theatre。

      Key word of the art exibition Celebrate the Seventieth Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China ▶Chen Qiao, Chen Baozhu and Ying Xiaoding, well-known artists from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, are invited to be the art consultants. At the same time, 18 well-known dance artists are invited to serve as art committees.▶The purpose is to build a 9+2 urban cultural and artistic exchange platform in Dawan District . Through the three stages of the initial evaluation, the general exhibition and the awarding ceremony, the outstanding works will be performed in 11 cities and the "the belt and the road" country.

      won the second prize in Shenzhen Competition Area There were total 74 programms, Under the leader of Miss Huanghuan, our school dance team got the second prize after well preparation.Congartulations!

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