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The purpose of Chinese subject learning is to learn Chinese well by reading a lot in class.FIFA has been trying hard to to provide the students with more effective learning methods and a better learning atmosphere.This kind of the Academic Exchange Activities is one of the most important way.


Subject-based Chinese learning has fundamentally changed the way of Chinese teaching method to stimulate students'interest in learning Chinese.




After half a year's practice, We finally reached the goal that in the primary school stage, the average reading quantity need to be about 1 million words in the class every year.The total reading quantity in and out of class in 6 years is not less than 10 million words.



     On June 6 (morning), all Chinese teachers of FIFA welcomed experts from Beijing Huayue Institute  to carry out the training and exchange activities of "Chinese Theme Learning" . This exchanges are composed of two parts: the "famous teachers'classroom observation" and the "expert report ".




First of all, teacher Zhou Jingwen who was from Shenzhen Nanhua Primary School taught the fifth grade the lesson of "My Flowers Let Others See" .This teacher is excellent.She has won the first prize in Futian District.


      The whole process allows the teachers to know how to combine the textbooks and extra-curricular books in order to make the class more effective.


      After the class, Meng Chunhuan, a well-known special teacher and expert in national culture, gave a lecture to all the teachers.They had a lively discussion.



All the teachers had learned more from this activity.Looking forward to the next exchange activity.

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