Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
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Parent Handbook


The school runs five days a week from Monday to Friday. The school calendar is attached for your reference.    

7:40-7:55 arrive at school/morning health Check/breakfast time 
8:00-15:30 Normal class times for International Department
15:30-16:30 After-school classes for International Department
8:00-16:00 Normal class time for Normal Department of primary school 
8:00-16:45 Normal class times for Normal Department of Middle school
16:30—— School buses departure time   

Special Notes    
A) Parents are not allowed to enter the school at drop off or pick up times.  
B) Please arrive at school on time to either drop off or pick up students. 

3. Children should stay at home if they have any of the following illnesses  
If your child has a fever of 37.2℃ or above, please do not send him/her to school. Your child must be fever-free for 24 hour before returning to school.    

This is also commonly known as “pink eye” and is very contagious. Please do not send your child to school until they have fully recovered.    
Please keep your child at home for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting.    
(There are an increasing number of students with severe (even life threatening) allergies. Please beware when giving food to your child.)   

4. Special arrangements during bad weather     
School will be closed and children should stay at home due to the following circumstances. The weather bureau will announce of school closures On TV:     
A) When the yellow, orange or red warning Typhoon is issued.    
B) When the red warning of a Rainstorm is issued.     

5. Breakfast, Lunch and Recess    
Breakfast time: 7:30-8:00    
Morning snack time:9:30-9:45。    
Lunch time for Normal department :11:25-12:00    
Lunch time for International department:12:00-12:40  
Afternoon snack time:15:00。    

Special Notes  
A) International department students need to have lunch at school, Normal department students can choose to have lunch at school or not. 
B) Students can bring their own lunch to school. If parents prefer they may deliver their child’s lunch with the child’s name and class between 11:20 and 11:50 by leaving them with security at the main gate. The teacher will claim your child’s lunch. Please leave the school immediately after the delivery. Parents are not allowed to stay afterwards without school permission.     
In order to promote a healthy environment for students, it is suggested no junk food be brought to school. Parents should encourage their child to eat fruit as a healthy snack.   

6. Absence/ Sickness   
A) Absence    
    When a student is to be absent for any reason, parents should advise the classroom teacher one day in advance.      
B) Sick leave     
    If a student is sick in the morning and is unable to attend school, his/her parents should inform the classroom teacher before 9:00 am with a SMS message.     
    Parents should inform the classroom teacher in detail if the sick leave exceeds more than one day.      
C) Late Arrival     
    Students must arrive at school before 8:00 am late arrivals will be recorded by classroom teacher in the student’s handbook.     

7. School Uniform      
A) Students must wear the proper school uniform when attending school.   
B) Students are not allowed to wear ornaments. For girls, only simple hairpins are acceptable.      
    Please wear the formal uniform on Monday, sports uniform from Tuesday to Thursday, casual on Friday   

8.  Communication between Home and School    
A) Contact Classroom Teachers by Phone,Wechat or E-mail    
    When you need to contact your child or teachers during the school day, please come to the school or call the recruitment office at 3336-0102 or 3336-0211 for assistance.     
    Parents can visit with foreigner teachers during 12:40-15:30 by appointment    
    Parents can visit Chinese teachers during 15:30-17:00 by appointment    

B) School Circular      
    From time to time, we will send home information notices or circulars that require your immediate attention. They must be signed and returned to school immediately by students.     
C) Review of the School Website     
    You can also review the school website to find more information: ,or scan the QR code to acquire the information。    
D) Parent Meeting /Parent Committee    
    We will have parent meetings two or three times per term in order for parents to learn more about the educational programs of the school and your child’s progress. Parents can also enjoy the opportunity to meet other parents in an informal setting. Meanwhile, parents may provide some valuable feedback to our faculty in making the school better.   

10. Student Assessment      
    Students are encouraged to learn and self-assess themselves constantly. Formative assessment will be held all the time during the learning process. As well there are two summative assessments per academic year, including multi-discipline assessment.     

11.Student After-school Reading     
    We encourage students to read a variety of books after school with parents or by themselves in order to form good reading habits from a young age. The school is also responsible for after school reading programs.   
    Please do not buy the same books used by the school.    

12. School Bank Awarding Policy     
    Students can earn“1 dollar” from teachers if they do a good job or behave well at school and then they can deposit the “money” they earned into the school bank.  Children can use the “money” to buy things they want from school or save the money to buy toys that the school offers through auctions in the middle of the term and at the end of the term.   

13.Special notes for parents     
    Beating or abusing your children,or any other children who has had a conflict with your child will not be tolerated in the school. If such abuse happens, you will never be allowed to enter the school. If things get serious, the school will call the police and the parent(s) will be formally charged.  

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