Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
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      To achieve our educational philosophy, our school elementary curriculum draws from two cultures through the medium of three languages (English, Chinese and music) within a small class environment to deliver differentiated effective teaching.

American CCSS Curriculum
      CCSS (Common Core State Standards) is an American national curriculum developed English language arts and Maths based on the strengths of educational standards from various states, and informed by other top-performing countries to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society.Today, 42 states in the United States have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards. Our school utilizes English language arts and Math textbooks developed based on CCSS, taught by experienced international teachers. This set of curriculum ensures that our students will be equipped with critical thinking and higher order thinking skills necessary to be ready for any international programs in middle and high school in China or abroad, ready to succeed in the future global economy.
Cultivating Ivy League Talents

     Our school aims to cultivate and prepare our students for Ivy League schools and universities by adhering to their educational standards.
      Ivy League refers to the following top-notch universities/institutes:
            Brown University,1764年成立
            Columbia University,1754年成立
            Cornell University,1865年成立
            Dartmouth College,1769年成立
            Harvard University,1636年成立
            University of Pennsylvania,1740年成立
            Princeton University,1746年成立
            Yale University,1701年成立
      Each of these universities possesses a strict and cautious admission criteria with the following considerations in addition to public assessment performance:
       -  Academic writing skills
       -  Team spirit
       -  Communication skills
       -  Extracurricular and community activities
       -  Balanced Development
       -  Parents’ role in education
      Both our school curriculum, extra curriculum activities and recruitment standards for international teachers adhere to the educational aims above. This way we could ensure our students will best benefit from a tailor-made learning environment to insure their potentials of furthering their education in various Ivy League schools and universities overseas.
Chinese curriculum

      Our Chinese curriculum covers a wide range of knowledge about Chinese as a language, literature, history and culture. It aims to foster students’ abilities to master and apply Chinese as a native language, to embrace Chinese cultural heritage, to gain knowledge in Chinese history as an ancient civilization, and to appreciate Chinese literature through reading and creative writing. Compared with a traditional Chinese curriculum, our school values the importance of:
      ■   the us of language instead of exams-orientated teaching methods;
      ■   fostering interests in Chinese learning and utilising various teaching methods to foster encourage students’ enjoyment of learning;
      ■   learning Chinese classical literature as a form of heritage while fostering students’ international horizons using progressive teaching methods;
      ■   fostering reading interests and promoting reading comprehension through breadth of genres to build up vocabularies, knowledge foundation and fundamentals of language.

      In addition to offering Chinese curriculum for native Chinese speakers,  we also offers Chinese as a Secondary Language (CSL) to expats students who are encouraged to enjoy Chinese learning appropriate at their level.
Multiple Intelligence Curriculum

      Based on the multiple intelligence theory, our school designs a multiple intelligence curriculum that offers rich experiences for our students whose talents can be fostered and excelled. Various opportunities in ABRSM music theory, musicals, drama, arts, and outdoor sports activities are both offered as part of the school curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Music Education Curriculum

      Our school offer an excellent well-rounded music education program based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music(ABRSM, UK) graded exams system. Through using creative musical games, music appreciations lessons, musical performances and instrumental music performances, this music program fosters students’ well-rounded artistic talents, cultivates their musical tastes, and ensures that they are fluent in using music as a form of language to express themselves.

Prep-school Curriculum

     Starting elementary school is among one of the most important transitions children will make, as they make adjustments from informal preschool learning into a formal and structured elementary learning. When starting at school is a positive, happy experience, it can become the foundation of many years of academic and social success in the future for children.
      The effective school preparation program can help children to prepare them with the skills and qualities socially, cognitively, linguistically and physically, all of which are the skills that they need for a fruitful school experience for the rest of their elementary schooling.

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