Allow children to mature into educated tal.
ented global citizens with an understanding
of western and Chinese cultures.
深圳艺校福田泰然学校 国际学校 特色学校 优才国际 电话:0755-33360102 33360103
Investigates Renewab

Chinese Pinyin Knowl

快乐学习 灵活运用

防范于未然 筑生命基石

Let us be a little a

FIFA School Shenzhen


Oracle Bone Project

11月4日 与您相约深圳国际教育展

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  Name:Futian International and Fine Arts school
Add: Tairan Sq.,Xiasha,Futian Dist.,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, zip code 518048
Tel:0755 - 3336 0103/ 0755 - 3336-0211 (Admissions Office)